Peter Emanuel Roos started Samplicity as a hobby project in 2005, with the creation of highly acclaimed impulse responses from professional reverb devices like the TCE System 6000 and the Lexicon 960L. After a few years, a new IR collection was made using the new and impressive Bricasti M7 reverb unit. Being a free IR library – explicitly allowed by Casey Dowdell from Bricasti Ltd., stated in online discussions – this library became very popular and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times from the Samplicity website. You can download the Bricasti M7 impulse responses via the Downloads menu item. Another reason for the success of this library is the very accurate capture of the M7’s pristine reverb presets, thanks to Samplicity’s special recording and post-processing methods.

Peter holds a master’s degree in psychology (perception research) and a master’s degree in data-analysis and statistics. Peter has been an independent IT professional since 1997, mainly as UX/UI designer and front-end developer. In earlier jobs Peter has been a fulltime software engineer, working on portable PC and Apple software for laboratories in the food industry and academic research centers. This background allows Peter to keep up with the latest scientific publications on digital signal processing (DSP) and psycho-acoustics.

Samplicity impulse responses have been used in many music productions. They have even been used in the live music mixes for the Olympic Winter Games Ceremonies in Sochi (2014).

Guys, I strongly recommend you get this one. It’s a fantastic set of reverb impulses and super cheap for what you get, considering that the real hardware is 11 grand! A no-brainer for anyone doing orchestral music, in my opinion


(Samplicity’s IR libraries are no longer for sale, but they will be featured in upcoming plugins)

Peter at Teldex Studio in Berlin some years ago during an Orchestral Tools library recording session, followed by Samplicity acoustics recordings
October 2021, still with long hair
October 2021, Southern France. Coding in a lovely place
October 2021, Samplicity work in Southern France
Spring 2022 – gone is the long hair, after many, many years