Berlin Studio

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The beautiful acoustics of the famous Teldex Studio captured with high grade microphones

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This product requires iLok USB (v2+) or iLok Cloud.
Machine registration will be added in a next version.
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Position your instruments in a real orchestral recording studio

Add the beautiful acoustics of Teldex Studio to your mixes. This studio is famous for decades of classical recordings (Telefunken and Decca) and is well known to composers being the studio where most Orchestral Tools sample libraries are recorded.

The signature sound of this recording stage – approximately the same size as Abbey Road One – has been captured by recording special signals emitted from the main orchestral stage positions with the studio’s main microphones and processing these recordings into acoustical “fingerprints”, also known as impulse responses (IRs).

Meticulous post-pro editing has resulted in a very consistent and accurate set of IRs in True-Stereo format. If you are already familiar with previous IRs from Samplicity, you know they are rated among the very best, with low signal-to-noise ratios and excellent stereo imaging.

With its flexible handling of microphone perspectives, time-alignment, early reflections and reverb tails Berlin Studio allows you to seamlessly mix and match virtual instruments from different vendors in a unique acoustic environment.

Of course Berlin Studio is also an excellent tool for making real instruments sound like they were recorded in this great venue.

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Mahler 2nd symphony brass chorale – Karl Ask

Created with virtual instruments from Sample Modelling by Karl Ask (

Steady Escalation – Siegfried Friedrich

Ravel, Pavane from Ma Mère l’Oye – Roberto Soggetti

Created with VSL sampled instruments by Roberto Soggetti

Anechoic recordings

The following demos are made with anechoic recordings: sources without any reverberation. Please note that such recordings are not created to sound great or well performed. They are in the first place created for acoustics research and can thus be useful for testing reverberation plugins. The demos do not contain any EQ on the input, nor on the IR channels.

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Requirements and specifications

All Samplicity software is 64 bit

macOS: all versions from 14.x (Sonoma) down to OSX 10.13 (High Sierra)
Native support for Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs

Windows: all versions from Windows 11 down to Windows 7
Native support for Intel and AMD CPUs

Plugin formats: AU (macOS), VST3 and AAX (Pro Tools)

Zero latency at sample rates 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
10 samples latency at 88.2/96 kHz and higher (< 0.12 msec, not reported to host)

Host IO block sizes: 32 samples and higher. Recommended: 128 samples (or higher if needed)

Uses Samplicity’s proprietary “Moving Waves Technology”:
a highly efficient multi-threading, multi-channel convolution engine
with separate handling of different filter ranges and realtime filter manipulations