Number Seven Stereo

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The Best Bricasti Sound Replication

Apply the prestigious Bricasti reverb sound to your mixes, with full control over modulation for lush and evolving tails. Use compression for reverb tail ducking and noise gating for huge drum sounds. Bolster your cinematic mixes with the many Hall presets, or get creative with Ambiences and Spaces for your post-pro work.

Key features

  • 136 most accurate presets from the Bricasti M7 hardware reverb
  • Dual modulation, handling early reflections and reverb tail separately
  • Pre-delay, either time based, or based on the host’s tempo
  • Five band equalizer, with five minimum-phase filter types
  • Sidechain compressor, with threshold, ratio, knee, drive, make-up, attack and release
  • Sidechain signal gate, with threshold, attack and release
  • Compressor and gate can be driven by dry or wet signal
  • Highly efficient and accurate processing with zero latency
  • Formats: AU, VST3 and AAX
  • Native Apple Silicon support

Looking for a surround reverb? Check Number Seven Professional

Installer downloads and free demos

Installers can be found on the Download page. Without a license, the plugins work as 14 day free demos.


All Samplicity software is 64 bit

macOS: all versions from 14.x (Sonoma) down to OSX 10.13 (High Sierra).
Contains native Apple Silicon code

Windows: all versions from Windows 11 down to Windows 7

Plugin formats: AU (macOS), VST3 and AAX (Pro Tools)

Zero latency at sample rates 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
10 samples latency at 88.2/96 kHz and higher (< 0.12 msec, not reported to host)

Host IO block sizes: 32 samples and higher. Recommended: 128 samples (or higher if needed)