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Number Seven Professional

Samplicity's New Flagship Product!

The prestigious Bricasti sound for your surround mixes, up to Atmos 9.1.6!
With full control over modulation, tail compression and gating.


Number Seven

The Best Bricasti Sound Replication

Apply the prestigious Bricasti sound to your mixes, with full control over modulation for lush and evolving tails. Use compression for reverb tail ducking and the noise gate for huge drum sounds. Bolster your cinematic mixes with the many Hall presets, or get creative with Ambiences and Spaces for your post-pro work.


Berlin Studio

Berlin Studio is a revolutionary convolution-based reverb plugin, featuring the rich acoustics of Teldex Studio in Berlin, captured with seven of their finest microphones. Virtually position your instruments in this large studio and add its superb acoustics. Accurate, transparent and efficient.


Classic Reverbs

Classic Reverbs faithfully recreates the signature sound of iconic hardware and lets you sculpt rich reverb tails with its dynamic modulation and a large collection of 168 presets based on the Bricasti M7, Lexicon 960L, Lexicon 480L and the TCE System 6000.


Gemini 480

105 curated presets with the sound of the legendary Lexicon 480L