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“Berlin Studio uses a lot of CPU on my system”

Berlin Studio is a convolution-based reverb plugin. It runs three True Stereo convolutions in parallel, which require a lot of computations. Most setups support multiple instances without problems, but some users report high CPU loads and occasional audio glitches.

[Edit] We have recently made significant efficiency improvements, which will be included in the next free update, expected in February. On some systems the CPU load has been lowered with a factor six, thanks to multi-threading and other optimizations.

When you want to report issues about performance issues with your setup, please help us with details and provide information on at least a number of the following points:

  • What is the type, speed and number of cores of your processor?
  • Which OS and which version do you use?
  • Which DAW software do you use?
  • How many plugins are loaded and active in the DAW project in which you observe high CPU loads?
  • What audio interface do you use?
  • What are the buffer settings for your audio interface?
  • What sample rate is used by your audio interface and DAW project?